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Veteran Systems Communications is the solution to your telecommunications & technology needs.

We offer consulting, planning, construction support, installation and maintenance for Electrical, VoIP/Hosted/PBX phone systems, cable infrastructure including voice, data, fiber optic, audio-visual and wire/wireless network infrastructure to residential, commercial and government clients nationwide.  


VSC has built strong relationships with our clients, because unlike others with the same services, we focus and commit to total client satisfaction from concept to billing. We deliver guaranteed satisfaction to our clients. 

IP Phone system: Swap old equipment for new thinking


A big part of long-term success is being able to scale your business to keep up with consumer demand and evolving technology. When it comes to phone services, you may find that your old system simply isn’t cutting it anymore and it’s time for an upgrade. VSC can provide you with excellent phone system upgrade options that can make your business communication more efficient.  Connecting your business to the world can mean everything. Without good communication you are losing out on countless hours of productivity and efficiency.

Fonality, Electrical Services, Electrician, Network Cabling, Telephone Systems, CCTV Systems
Security Cameras

IP (network) cameras are a great way to monitor different locations without having to physically be there as the Internet-connected IP cameras stream real-time, high-resolution security video over the Internet. You can watch live video as it happens to check up on your business from anywhere, using a standard networked computer or phone.


VSC provides consulting, sales service and installation.  Reliable, wide variety of options including very low-cost systems.

Nurse Call Systems
At VSC we strive to continually improve patient, resident, and worker safety in healthcare, business, and other settings. Our advanced life safety and nurse call systems are installed with cutting-edge technology for monitoring, detection, and notification in a variety of facilities. We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled customer service.


Managed IT Services
Managing your computer systems is now much simpler. VSC has introduced a complete set of IT services designed specifically for small and mid-size businesses.  For a set monthly fee (per computer), you will now have peace of mind that all of your computers will be monitored, maintained and fully supported, just like large enterprise companies.



We provide a complete set of data cabling services, from new installations, office moves to additional lines and jacks for phones and data. We only provide high quality cabling, and we can route the cables from your business’s data room to offices, cubicles, desks, work yards or wherever else you need connections.  Additionally, you can feel confident that all of our cabling installations will be clean and trim because we ensure that every cable is clearly labeled, neatly installed, and securely tied down.


  • Network cabling - from needs analysis to system design

  • Data cabling - design and installation

  • Communications cabling - including landline and VoIP systems

  • Cable and wiring repair - we'll diagnose and fix problems

  • Cabling and wiring moves - develop your cabling as your needs change

  • Structured cabling - the backbone connections you need

  • Server rack cabling - organized, labeled, and systematically organized

Get your network cabling or wiring done by the certified VSC IT services experts - starting with a FREE consultation.

Paging Systems

Long Range Systems paging systems have been designed to enhance the customer experience and increase the bottom line of your company or organization.


Impress customers with quality, speedy service; and, boost staff efficiency all at the same time. With an operational paging system, your staff will know better when assistance is needed, when items are ready for delivery, where to go, and who's expecting service.

Electrical, Electrician, Network Cabling, Telephone Systems, CCTV
Electrical, Electrician, Network Cabling, Telephone Systems, CCTV
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